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Lately I have come to realize there’s a subtleness in the difference between embellishment and lies, and I don’t think it’s just me, I think it’s everybody’s dream to see our lives in syndicate up there upon the screen, where the characters won’t die and when vehicles collide, the passengers can brush off dust and joke about their ride, and all the suicide attempts and the failed relationships are neatly packaged moral tales to frame our passion play, oh sometimes I feel my life is like a movie, and I wanna tell these strangers what I’ve seen, but the last thing I want to be called on this earth is a liar, and the stories seem like too much to believe, I wanna see the audience, I wanna know who benefits, is there a favorable write-up for the story of my life, ‘cause when I said those things to you as the rain came down on cue, I had to hope the cameras were showing my good side, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie and we’re handed out these characters to be, and we play our parts as best we can, and pray our roles will make it in, and maybe we won’t just be scenery, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie and it’s way too full of plot-twist irony, and the scenes have all gone on too long, but no one’s really watching anyway, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie, but it’s still the greatest one I’ve ever seen.


from Down, released May 12, 2009



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The Chanteymen Marquette, Michigan

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