by The Chanteymen

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released May 12, 2009

Recorded at Da Yoopers Studio, Ishpeming Michigan, by Jim Bellmore, with assistance from Tony Dutcher.

Christopher Lander Moore: Songs / Vocals / Guitar
Jesse DeCaire: Guitar / Vocals
Emily Durkin: Violin / Mandolin on "Black Water"
Daniel Beckman: 12-String Guitar
Anna Eby: Glockenspiel
Rudy Forsberg: Drums



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The Chanteymen Marquette, Michigan

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Track Name: Tooth Decay
Hope relief is coming to the weary, hope the spring is warmer than the fall, hope my conscience someday soon comes up clear, hope the guilty get what’s coming to them, hope the world’s machine ain’t stripped its gears, hope that all this gnashing never causes me to wail, hope that pets can make it into heaven, hope that no ship ever sinks again, hope my friends and family never know fear, hope to god you’re sad for being so wrong, hope you won’t be too bruised in your fall, hope this warning doesn’t fall on deaf ears, hope my teeth are all here in a year.
Track Name: Black Water
The waves are calling out to me as they roar there in the dark, and I feel the spray splash on my face as I climb out on the rocks, as I try so hard to make the maelstrom go away, as I watch the water churning underneath I realize there’s no need to be afraid, just keep floating, ignore the roaring and it can’t carry you away.
Track Name: Trickles
The morning I left town I packed up my car and went out for my last cup of coffee, I turned in my keys and said all my goodbyes and I pointed myself towards the highway, the streets were still silent, the houses were dark, it was right about then that it hit me, I would spend my day driving towards the unknown, I was leaving my old life behind me, a hundred miles out I took out your photo and looked at it once for the memory, and opened my window and watched in the mirror as it fell to the pavement behind me, the tears came in trickles, the roadmap got smudged as I tell myself everything’s OK, the radio’s on and I’m singing our song so loud, and I hope you can hear me.
Track Name: I'm Agnostic
When I was a little boy I’d lie under the covers staring up at the ceiling as I’d wait to fall asleep, and sometimes as I snuggled in and listened to the silence in my room right before I drifted off, a thought would come to me: that I was going to have to die, I wondered what it would feel like, and If I’d be afraid of what I saw there on the other side, nowadays my ceiling-staring sessions have expanded to the thoughts of other people, I think we’re thinking the same things, the thought that keeps me up most nights is people seem to think it’s right to kill another person over where you go when you die, now I may not agree with you on your interpretation, but I’m not one for judgment calls and you’re welcome to believe that God’s a vengeful superman with racist tendencies, but that doesn’t sound that plausible to me, no it doesn’t sound that possible to me, no it just sounds too unlikely to believe, no it just seems to impossible to me… Maybe when we go we walk down through a darkened tunnel like we’re walking through a terminal, like we just got off a plane, we’ll search the crowds of strangers looking for someone familiar, hope they thought to bring my luggage, hope they’ll take me home again, or maybe there’s a television on playing reruns of all the things you thought about but never got to see, did Oswald gun down J.F.K., an who was on the knoll that day, and where on Earth’s Amelia Earhart’s plane, maybe we’ll wake up someday in someone else’s body, wondering who’s that guy we dreamed about, why’d he do the things he did, or maybe there is nothing like the nihilists believe, but that doesn’t sound that plausible to me, no it doesn’t sound that possible to me, no it just seems too unlikely to believe, no it just seems too impossible to me, no it sounds unlikely to believe.
Track Name: Our Feature Presentation
Lately I have come to realize there’s a subtleness in the difference between embellishment and lies, and I don’t think it’s just me, I think it’s everybody’s dream to see our lives in syndicate up there upon the screen, where the characters won’t die and when vehicles collide, the passengers can brush off dust and joke about their ride, and all the suicide attempts and the failed relationships are neatly packaged moral tales to frame our passion play, oh sometimes I feel my life is like a movie, and I wanna tell these strangers what I’ve seen, but the last thing I want to be called on this earth is a liar, and the stories seem like too much to believe, I wanna see the audience, I wanna know who benefits, is there a favorable write-up for the story of my life, ‘cause when I said those things to you as the rain came down on cue, I had to hope the cameras were showing my good side, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie and we’re handed out these characters to be, and we play our parts as best we can, and pray our roles will make it in, and maybe we won’t just be scenery, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie and it’s way too full of plot-twist irony, and the scenes have all gone on too long, but no one’s really watching anyway, oh sometimes I feel that life is just a movie, but it’s still the greatest one I’ve ever seen.
Track Name: Bar Bands
I got a job running sound in a bar at night turning the knobs so the cover songs sound alright making it loud so the people must shout to be heard, and I got a job where I turn on the colored lights inviting the people to come out and dance all night and forget their troubles if just for an hour or two, and I’ve got this theory ‘bout music and colored lights, start playing a song that the people all recognize and flash all the lights and they’ll dance like a puppet for you, and give them chords they recognize, and a chorus they can all sing along to: “lalalalalalalalala”, was it bands that killed these songs, or the kids through sing-a-longs, or was I living in denial when I swore I’d never be that guy, oh no, I got a job running sound in a bar at night turning the knobs so the cover songs sound alright, funny, the things people do for the money sometimes, oh, sometimes, oh sometimes I wanna die.
Track Name: The Princess
First time’s the lucky one, second time’s the charm, by now it’s obvious, you’re out to do me harm, but I have to wonder would I be less at fault if I would have listened to the voice in my head screaming get out, there’s nothing left for you here anyway, get out, get away, and the next time you see me it’ll be more than likely I’ll careen through your scenery like a cavalcade of crows, but if I’ve learned anything of retaliation, I’ve learned that it’s pointless, so here’s my advice to you, get out, there’s nothing left for you to say anyway, get out of my way, Do What You Want Whenever You Want After All Who Do I Think I Am To Stand In Your Way.
Track Name: Low 20's
Winter-time descends again, low 20’s seem the norm, so we gather in the bars all night, and drink ‘till we feel warm, huddled on a barstool with my coat and hat still on as I watch the snow outside, it’s moving left to right, and I can’t tell the difference between my breath and cigarette smoke as my boots squeak in the snow, I make way back home, and shivering in the silence as I stand outside my door, there’s one thought on my mind, I wish that someone waited here for me.
Cold’s still cold, no matter where you go.